Mission Hire Me partners with Job Search Master Class® for Veterans – Interview Prep, the nation’s leading online curriculum for detailed interview preparation, unlimited role-plays and a follow-up system.

We know you will “win” more interviews. Now what?

We want you to ace every interview, whether it’s via phone, video call or face to face. Job Search Master Class® for Veterans INTERVIEW PREPARATION has everything you need, 24/7.

With this online course, you will learn:

· How to answer the most commonly asked interview questions
· How to ask great questions during the interview
· How to prepare the night before
· How to follow up on the interview to secure the job offer!

The work you will complete includes listening an instructional lesson, filling out an interview guide, and practicing with unlimited video role-plays.

We are proud to include Job Search Master Class® for Veterans INTERVIEW PREPARATION with every Mission Hire Me professional video profile we produce.

These resources are from our partner Job Search Master Class with explanations for veterans reentering the work force.

Job Search Master Class® for Veterans has served hundreds of Veterans, Military Spouses, and transitioning service members. Meaningful employment has been achieved, regardless of educational background or type of position sought.
There are two versions available today: Job Search Master Class® for Veterans and Job Search Master Class® for Military Spouses.

Both are:
Scalable: Job Search Master Class® for Veterans is a cloud-based course that can be delivered to Veterans and Military Spouses instantly, easily, and globally, using world class technology.
Up-to-Date: Classes, hand-outs, tools, templates, and video instruction are continuously updated to reflect market changes and trends (e.g. LinkedIn revised user interface).
End-to-End Job Search instruction: From goal-setting and career selection through preparation – résumé development, LinkedIn networking, applications, cover letters, interview prep, etc. – to actively applying and interviewing.
Customized for Veterans: This custom-built course is filled with Veteran-specific handouts, information, and exercises throughout the course. Nationally-known Veteran job search experts and authors have contributed content.
Lifetime Access: Every Veteran and Military Spouse receives an instant lifetime membership to the online Job Search Master Class®. They have 24/7 access to the full curriculum immediately.
Fast-Tracked: Veterans can speed through the self-paced course, so they can begin applying to jobs quickly. They can access previously completed modules to review any or all sections.


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