Heroes Linked rests upon the simple premise that Americans who did not serve in the military possess something that is of great value to Veterans and servicepersons transitioning out of the military – their career experiences and knowledge of the private sector job market. The question was, how could such knowledge be best imparted to the thousands that could benefit from it? Understanding the power of personal mentoring for both Advisor and Advisee, the challenge was adapting the model to fit the needs of the swelling Veterans community. The result became Heroes Linked.

Utilizing and array of cutting edge communication technologies, Heroes Linked is disrupting the personal mentoring paradigm to make it accessible, mobile, and scalable.

Heroes Linked recognizes that family is the heart of the U.S. Armed Forces. They welcome Gold Star families and the spouses of our veterans and servicepersons in transition. They deserve to receive the same level of assistance as their loved ones in uniform.


Heroes Linked provides professional development resources for veterans, but isn’t like traditional military job fairs or a brick-and-mortar career advising center. It’s a web app available on all browsers and on all devices that enables veterans getting out of the military to connect and communicate with expert advisors that help them find veteran friendly jobs, offer veteran resume advice, and more… no matter where they are in the country. Heroes Linked uses secure VOIP technology, so from the boardroom to the beach, you will never miss a call.

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